Stan Heck

Christian Author / Clinical Psychologist

Stan Heck brings his faith, his concern for others and his training in Biblical studies and psychology to all he does.

His writings as a Christian embrace the wisdom of God’s Word in the Bible and the sciences – both the physical sciences like cosmology and evolution and the social science of psychology. Unlike those who see science as the enemy of religion, Dr. Heck views science as the study of God’s creation, a path to greater faith and understanding of our world. See the link to Scripture reflections and Christian education essays.

Dr. Heck is a licensed psychologist with over 30 years of clinical experience (KY#129567).  He has worked with children and adults, with couples and families.  His empathic approach helps him connect with others and appreciate both their challenges and their resources.  He frequently uses Cognitive Behavioral techniques to help people gain coping skills and improve their relationships.  He has written 20+ essays published at Heisel and Associates on a wide range of clinical topics.  His work is highly valued by other clinicians for its insights and usefulness.  Links to essays likely to be of interest to the educated public include: Aging Well, End of Life Issues, Growing in Empathy.


Dr. Heck offers consultation to public and private schools to provide guidance for special needs youth, such as children with

  • ADHD
  • Specific Learning Disabilities
  • Autism Spectrum
  • trauma related symptoms
  • behavioral issues and/or
  • underachievement

Dr. Heck’s years of experience in diagnostics, behavior modification and teacher assistance make him a valuable consultant.  His work with minority youth motivates his desire to help them overcome internal and external obstacles to growth.


  • BA — Christian Philosophy – Seminary of St. Pius X
  • Graduate work (2 years)– Biblical Theology – Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary
  • MSW – University of Washington
  • Psy.D. – Wright State University

Links to essays likely to be of interest to the educated public include: 

Reflections on Scripture and living a Christian life

Aging Well

End of Life Issues

Growing in Empathy

The Lord is our God,
The Lord alone.
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